lactation counseling

Let’s face it. Some babies -and mothers- take to breastfeeding like they were literally born to do it. But others need a little bit of help. Breastfeeding can be incredibly challenging, sometimes isolating and often overwhelming. That is why I offer in-home counseling, designed to suit your needs and lifestyle. I travel anywhere in Mesa County, Colorado. In the comfort and privacy of your own home, I will assess feeding concerns and help you to resolve any issues you may be experiencing. Following your consultation, I am available via phone, text or email to answer any additional questions or concerns. If you and your baby are struggling with breastfeeding, click the link below to schedule your session.

Insurance Coverage

Do you have insurance and wish to be reimbursed for your session? Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, most policies are required to cover 100% of breastfeeding support and supplies for as long as you breastfeed your child. Once you have paid in full for your consultation, you will receive a superbill and receipt for your payment. You may submit these to your insurance company for reimbursement. For more information on your rights to coverage, click here. If you have a health savings or flex spending account, I can process your payment at the time of service using your FSA or HSA card.

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